巧取豪夺  qiǎo qǔ háo duó








  • 这种高级的巧取豪夺行为绝不会有前途。
    These lofty deeds of rascality have no future.

  • 爱从不捆绑束缚、设置陷阱、巧取豪夺
    Love doesn't attempt to bind, ensnare, capture.

  • 不论是敌人还是朋友,他都向他们巧取豪夺
    From foe and from friend he'd rap and he'd ran.

  • 富人两面三刀,巧取豪夺,既不怜悯也不帮助穷人。
    Rich men are capricious and exacting and do not pity and help the poor.

  • 征服军巧取豪夺,把这个曾是自由的岛屿据为己有。
    The conquering enemy annexed the formerly free island to their nation.

  • 纽约证交所在今后将不惜代价的巧取豪夺伦敦交易所。
    the NYSE may even try to grab the London exchange for itself.

  • 为了能捞到想得到的东西,不惜煞费苦心,巧取豪夺
    They grabbed what they could get for the sake of what was to be got.

  • 巧取豪夺,苛捐杂税和敲诈勒索迫使另一些人跑到山里找活路。
    Extortion, taxes, blackmail drove others over to seek a way of living.

  • 造成这种现象的原因不是由于富人贪得无厌巧取豪夺,剥削工人。
    The reason they do is not that they are greedy and grasping and eager to exploit the working man .

  • 这一假设中存在着一个问题,即它是建立在人们不欺骗,不巧取豪夺之上的。
    The problem with this hypothesis is that it relies on people not cheating and taking the benefits without paying the costs.

  • 农民的劣势更在于他们对土地没有清晰的法律权利,难以抵御开发商的巧取豪夺
    The peasants are at a further disadvantage in that they do not have clear legal title to their fields, making them vulnerable to the whims of developers.

  • 强烈支持加拿大要求可耻的美国归还当年从加拿大巧取豪夺的加拿大的大片领土!
    Canada strongly supports the request shameful that the United States return from Canada of predatory Canada's vast territory!

  • 由于蒋介石这帮从沿海来的大员的巧取豪夺,就连富农和小地主也纷纷失去土地。
    Under the concerted drive for land by Chiang's interlopers from the coast, even rich peasants and small landlords began to lose their holdings.

  • 帝国初期,这个自大狂用政治阴谋、巧取豪夺等手段来扩大自己在鲁恩星系的权力。
    The megalomaniacal Koong used political intrigue, theft and hijacking to increase his personal power in the Roon system during the early days of the Empire.

  • 今天随着住宅市场开始进入市场化,土地公开拍卖,过去的巧取豪夺很难继续获得优势。
    Today, the market has begun to enter the market with residential land auction in the past it was difficult to continue to receive the business advantages.

  • 当今大不列颠(乔治三世)的统治历史,就是一部反复重演的伤天害理、巧取豪夺的历史。
    The history of the present King of Great Britain [George III] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

  • 当今大不列颠国王(乔治三世)的统治历史,就是一部反复的伤天害理、巧取豪夺的历史。
    The history of the present King of Great Britain [George III] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

  • 而且限制土地的巧取豪夺可以帮助拉高城郊区域的地价和使现有城郊土地可以被更理性的使用。
    And restricting land seizures could help push up the price of land on the periphery of urban areas and encourage a more rational use of existing urban land.

  • 即使人们使用各种巧取豪夺的手段,盗取五德能量进入体内,但是由于频率的不同,最终也就难以吸收应用。
    Even though people use tricks to steal or rob the energy of Five De into their bodies, they can't really absorb it due to the frequency difference.

  • 为了钱,他们或卑躬屈膝,或巧取豪夺。一些人为了金钱不惜出卖自己的灵魂,甚至冒着生命危险去追求金钱。
    They bow to it. They scramble for it. Some of them even seem to sell their souls for it or risk their lives in pursuit of it.

  • 他们通过电视上播放的执法不公和日常生活的不公正待遇看到了听到了他们身边以及全世界的腐败和巧取豪夺
    They see and hear about corruption and extortion in the world around them and see via the medium of television injustice in the court and in daily life --- not just in the US, but worldwide.

  • 可视化定制:无论玩家想失去或巧取豪夺,他们只想以自己的皮条客的顺风车,极品飞车提供了广泛的可视化定制。
    Visual Customization: Whether gamers are trying to lose the cops or they just want to pimp their ride, Need for Speed Most Wanted offers extensive visual customizations.

  • 正是在我们关注的这些群体里,人们经常对环保行动采取敌视态度,因为他们觉得“环保”只是某些人对他们巧取豪夺的借口。
    Repeatedly in focus groups, people adopt a defensive stance against people who – they feel – are using the issue to take away material benefits.

  • 人们普遍认为,他统治下的俄国腐败横行,大财阀在国家金融领域巧取豪夺,他们的黑手甚至伸向俄罗斯最为珍视的国家资产。
    To be sure, his rule was marred by corruption and cronies who plundered the state's coffers and some of its most prized assets (NYT).

  • 于是产生了一股巧取豪夺风气,高级官员也公开偷窃,而许多人对此采取冷漠的犬儒主义态度,这是令人想起来都不寒而栗的。
    There was an orgy of grabbing and over all there was a cold cynicism about open theft in high places that was chilling to contemplate.

  • 但当这些反叛分子脱下战斗的疲惫换上普通的西装,身上增加一些肥油开始像一个普通的巧取豪夺的政客时,他们的震惊减缓了。
    The shock eased as the rebels swapped combat fatigues for lounge suits, put on weight and started to resemble normal grasping politicians.

  • 该公司在商业交易圈中,一直以手段野蛮而着称,他们交易部门的账目单上很大一部分的利润,都是通过巧取豪夺进行交易得来的。
    Its trading desk, which accounts for a substantial part of its profits, has a reputation for aggressive behavior among traders.

  • 如果我把这一回复当作是独立笔会秘书处的声明,那么我真的会非常愤怒,——从一个会员这里巧取豪夺出一个“同意”来,这决不是什么正当的做法。
    If I took this response as an official statement from the general secretary of ICPC, I would be really angry, - to wring consent out of a member in such cunning way, this is not decent!

  • 当我们展望社会的未来时,我们──你、我和我国政府──必须避免一种只顾今日生活的冲动,不应为了我们自己的舒适和便利巧取豪夺明天的宝贵资源。
    As we peer into society's future, we― you and I, and our government― must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow.

  • 玩家今回要饰演夺宝奇兵的主角,目标是印加宝藏,但由于主角不止一人,故此玩家们必须巧取豪夺,不仅要成为宝藏的捷足先登者,更要是最先带着宝物归来的第一人。
    On the hunt for the gold of the Inkas, each player not only wants to be the first to find the treasure, but also to be the first to return with the treasure.

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